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Learn How to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive or SD Card using these 7 Methods.
have you ever had “The Disk is Write Protected” problem? if so, then you don’t have to worry. Write Protected is a very common problem among SD Cards and USB drives. but its also a very annoying. if your SD card or USB flash is write protected, you can not copy paste, delete, edit or format your USB device. and in this video, i have covered 7 Different ways to Remove Write Protected from SD card.
here are the methods to Fix Write Protected USB.

Method #1. Using CMD Command to Remove Write Protected from SD Card. (starts from 01:26)

Method #2. Using RegEdit. (starts from 04:09 )

Method #3. Checking Physical Write Protected Button (starts from 06:09)

Method #4. Using LLF Format Tool (starts from 07:06)
download it from here.

Method #5. Using MalvaStyle USB Repair. (starts from 08:40)
download it from here.

Method #6. Using Easus Partition Master. (starts from 10:10)
download it from here.

Method #7. Recovering Data from Write Protected USB using Recoverit Free. (starts from 11:02)
download it from here.


1. iFind Photo Recovery.

2. Apower Data Recovery.

3. Wondershare Data Recovery.

4. Wise Data Recovery.

5. GiliSoft Data Recovery.

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  1. Hey man i found the way to solve by using the software called ease us partition tool and i just formatted my disk and ejected and inserted my disk and now iam able to paste and delete

  2. I've tried all 7 methods and none of them solved my problem.waste of time watching this, nothing worked

  3. Ive spent years trying to fix my usb lmao. I tried out the malva method and while its taking ages to do I think its actually working so thanks.

  4. thanks bro. in my case i have a switch on my sd card but i don't know about it.after watching your vedio i just checked my sd card and i saw a white colour switch

  5. Stupid and time wasting video useless guy couldn’t even got his own pen drive restored dumb ass!!!

  6. Boss i did apply all your methods but still can't format my USB (Kingston- Data traveler G4 32GB).
    kindly help me out

  7. The title should have been "7 USELESS ways to remove write protection from your SD Cards".
    You are "A Man for all Season", dude. Haha Haha!

  8. I tried the first 2 on my USB 64 and nothing happened. I have wasted a lot of time in the past few days trying different things and nothing . Some steps that are mentioned I couldn't find on my Dell newer laptop. I had enough and gave up.

  9. excellent video very helpful however wish you started step 1 with unlocking button on the disk:) because in my case it worked by unlocking the button… thank you very much

  10. just 7 methods to waste your time.. do not try any of them guys he coud'nt format his own drive.. worst video… F#ck!ng stupid…….

  11. Thanks bro you save me and my SD crad when I switch the button of SD crad addapter it was fixed Thenks bro Thank you very much and I also hit the like button

  12. hey
    can you tell about bitlocker
    i don't know password and recovery key is not working
    how can i restore my pendrive

  13. I broke my USB drive, I saw almost all tutorials on youtube but none of them worked I spent many hours or you can say I wasted my time

  14. Help me! My pendrive shows want to format but i don’t want.bcoz in pendrive I've lot of important files.How could I save my files help me pls!


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