1 HOUR of Amazing Football Games


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What was your favorite game?

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  1. 0:00 Hungary vs Portugal (EURO 2016)
    1:56 Tottenham vs Man City (CL)
    4:59 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2017
    6:44 Liverpool vs Arsenal (League Cup)
    10:08 AC Milan vs Liverpool 2005
    12:43 Spain vs Netherlands (World Cup 2014)
    14:18 Barcelona vs Liverpool Home and Away
    17:15 Sweden vs England (Zlatan)
    19:10 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2014
    21:15 Reading vs Arsenal (Comeback)
    24:24 PSG vs Barcelona Home and Away (CL)
    27:46 Norwich vs Liverpool 2016
    30:12 Man City vs Monaco Home and Away (CL)
    33:45 Villarreal vs Barcelona 2019
    36:16 Tottenham vs Ajax Home and Away (CL)
    37:58 Netherlands vs Germany
    39:34 Germany vs Netherland (Nations League)
    41:01 Wolves vs Man City 2019
    43:23 Barcelona vs Sevilla (UEFA Super Cup)
    46:07 Chelsea vs Bradford (FA Cup)
    47:54 Sheffield Utd vs Man Utd 2019
    49:29 Wales vs Belgium (EURO 2016)
    51:02 France vs Argentina (World Cup 2018)
    53:06 Liverpool vs Atletico 2020
    55:02 Man City vs QPR 2011
    58:36 Man Utd vs Arsenal 2004/05

  2. That sliding assist from Balotelli to Aguero was perfectly timed and weighed, it was worth a PL title and it's arguably the best, most valuable thing he ever did in football. Yes he smashed 2 great goals to go past Germany in Euro12 semis, but only to have Italy routed 4-0 in the final against Spain, so…

  3. That Arsenal fan who left the stadium after Reading score the 4-0 will regret doing it for the rest of his life.
    Never give up, said Salah after the 3-0 defeat at Barça. He knew what he was talking about.

  4. Did you know the goal at 16:38 The corner that Trent took. Klop didn't see the goal he was busy talking to his asy manger about subs. Next thing he knows the crowd errupted with chear.

  5. There is a guy celebrating with a barca cap on in the liverpool stands after wijnaldum’s equaliser.😂😂

  6. AGUEROOOOO!!!! Even though I’m an Arsenal fan, I still feel goosebumps and I don’t know why but also joy watching it. Man city fan or not, you have to embrace that

  7. I loved the vidoe! Got to 31:40 Enjoy The Watch Time haha, probably wont see this comment though :/ BTW I'm not a comment bot lol.

  8. The Barca and PSG game was a disgrace Neymar the diving twat, that was never a penalty. Neither was Suarez’s the ref was wearing a Barca shirt that night. The game would be soo much easier if the ref wasn’t on the pitch and was viewing things from a remote location via cameras, they always make shit decisions which ruin games no way were any of those penalties


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