❅ Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest (DS, 3DS) Game Walkthrough Part 1 ❅


Disney’s Frozen Walkthrough Part 1 DS 3DS 100% Walkthrough / Playthrough & Gameplay

❅ Disney Frozen: Olaf’s Quest (DS, 3DS) Game Walkthrough Part 1 ❅


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  1. The reason why I loved this video game called Disney's Frozen Olaf's Quest because if anyone is playing this game then hopefully everyone will continuing making lots of comments and subscribe to this video clip on Youtube.

  2. The music sounds like Plants vs. Zombies, and one other thing, WHY DOES OLAF LOOK LIKE SHREK EXTRA LARGE?! The devil’s cursed him!

  3. And THIS got into the Nintendo Selects list?
    Okay, I'm sorry. BUT WHY? This literally looks like a REALLY old DS game (No offense to the DS games, they're good.)
    Why couldn't it be games like A Link Between Worlds or Pokemon X and Y or Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
    Is it because 'Frozen' is a popular movie?

  4. I can't believe this "game" is on Nintendo Selects, why do people buy this shit? This game isn't good and the graphics are so horrible! This is making me hate Frozen even more now, fucking Frozen fans! This is soooo stupid how this got on Nintendo Selects. It should've been Kid Icarus: Uprising, not this shit! Thanks a lot Disney

  5. This is a Nintendo Select now
    Not Kid Icarus Uprising
    Not SFIV3D
    Not DoAD
    Frozen on 3DS
    Nintendo what the fuck man

  6. They released it as a ds game in 2013. TWO YEARS after the 3ds came out. Probably put it on the ds as an excuse for the terrible graphics

  7. Ok, so I don't care about the "actual" quality of the game… who has a 4 year old child that played it and loved it or hated it? How hard was it for them? 

    The new Yoshi for WiiU has a casual mode which is built for the younger crowd… Is this game that easy etc? I see some people commenting that it is easy to start, but gets challenging quickly. Is my little one going to have me help them with every level past level 2? 

    Peter Griffin: "Ya see, these are the questions….."

  8. This is et the game but updated for modern children. Good movie game stupidly bad (et was buried in the desert). A lego version of frozen would of been easier better more successful and respectable.


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