The Keep Chilmington Green campaign is delighted to announce that 8,049 people have signed the petition against the proposal to build a South Ashford New Town at Chilmington Green. The petition has been submitted to the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Ashford Borough Council.

Thank you for your support!


During the past decade the people of Ashford have suffered under a council that has zealously pursued a growth agenda that has harmed urban and rural parts of the borough. The council has a track record of negotiating secret deals with landowners and developers to build over the countryside before publicising their plans in so called consultation events. The residents of Ashford have had enough.

Chilmington Green is an area of beautiful countryside on the edge of the Kentish Weald. The site is home to numerous endangered species including great crested newts, water voles and brown hares. As a major part of the growth agenda, Ashford Borough Council is planning to build a new town on top of Chilmington Green with up to 7,000 houses, a supermarket and a high street.